Is Lack Of Control Over the Natural World Cause For All Our Anxiety?

What would humanity look like without limitations? They say an age of abundance is coming. They say that we will soon be free of our biological shackles. Is the source of all human anxiety our lack of control over the natural world? Is that anxiety taking down our longevity? In an age of abundance and biological freedom would people still feel the need to execute control over others? I wonder.

I look at my own life and the things that get me anxious are the things I cannot seem to get control of.  Finances, health, living conditions, time. Even the wealthiest among us are all slaves to time. Health erodes with time. No matter how rich you are, time is ticking away for all of us. If I was truly wealthy, I would buy more time.  Impossible you say? You cannot buy time. Well, I think we are getting close to that actually. Even if all the mundane chores were systematically edited out of our lives, and robotic power provided for our necessities, we would still not have additional time. Biological advances are moving ever faster. In order to see those benefits in our lifetime, millionaires, billionaires, corporate CEOs and governments need to step up. We could do this much quicker if we all worked together. Silo slayers are needed. We need individuals who can peer inside those closed systems and get them functioning as a unit. A lean mean longevity machine. In essence, if we worked together we could buy more health which translates into, wait for it….more time. More time to learn, grow, love, and discover. Would this world be perfect? No world ever is.

By this point you might be wondering if I am high. Well, I am high in anticipation of the possibilities. I am drunk with hope that we can rise above many of the limits that hold us back.  I am wishing a dreamy wish, that we as a species can evolve to not feel the need to oppress each other, to work together as a unit in harmony, to make things good for everyone on the planet. Not perfect, but better.  Will it take striving from even our weakest members? Will we have to raise each other up to meet our full potential? The answer is a resounding yes! We cannot float those who do not wish to be ambitious. Everyone has to add something valuable to make this work. Enabling slackers won’t help. Everyone must stretch. If we do, the results could be amazing. The evolution would be breathtaking.


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